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16 Nov 2018

War Cemetery, Chottogram, Bangladesh






Location Information
Chittagong War Cemetery is in Dampara locality, No.19 Badsha Mia Chowdhury Road, 22 kilometres north of the airport and 8 kilometres from the port on a site which was formerly paddy fields, but which has now been developed. It is near the arts college and close by Finlay’s Guest Houses near Chatteshanry Road; a well known road leading to the Hindu Kali Bari Temple. There is no C.W.G.C. road direction sign. The Burial area is situated at the bottom of a slope directly behind Finlay’s Guest Houses and is surrounded by a large area planted with a mixture of jungle trees,fruit trees and flowering trees. It is not easily seen from the road. A narrow tarmacked lane leads from the entrance gate to the burial area which is entered through a metal gate flanked by two small brick chapels. The cemetery gates are open from 07.00 to 12 noon and 14.00 to 17.00. Within the cemetery will also be found the Chittagong Memorial which, together with the Bombay 1939-1945 War Memorial, to be found in the Indian Seamen’s Hostel Bombay, commemorates over 400 sailors of the former Indian Navy and nearly 6,000 sailors of the former Indian Merchant Navy who were lost at sea during the war years. Each memorial takes the form of a finely bound volume containing the names of the dead.
Visiting Information
Chittagong War Cemetery is open every day between 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00. Wheelchair access possible via main entrance. For further information regarding wheelchair access, please contact our Enquiries Section on telephone number 01628 507200.
History Information
The cemetery was created by the army, and there were originally about 400 burials. Graves have since been transferred to this cemetery from the Lushai Hills (Assam) and other isolated sites, and from Chittagong Civil Cemetery; Chandragona Baptist Mission Cemetery; Chiringa Military Cemetery; Cox’s Bazar New Military and Civil (Muhammadan) Cemeteries; Chittagong (Panchalaish) Burial Ground; Dacca Military Cemetery; Demagiri Cemetery; Dhuapolong Muslim Burial Ground; Dhuapolong Christian Military Cemetery; Dohazari Military and R.A.F. Cemeteries; Jessore Protestant Cemetery; Khulna Cemetery; Khurushkul Island Christian and Muhammadan Cemeteries; Lungleh Cemetery (Assam); Nawapara Cemetery (Assam); Patiya Military Cemetery, Rangamati Cemetery; Tezgaon Roman Catholic Cemetery; Tumbru Ghat Military Cemetery and Tumbru M.D.S. Hospital Cemetery. There are now 731 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-45 war here, 17 of which are unidentified. There are a further 20 Foreign National burials, 1 being a seaman of the Dutch Navy and 19 Japanese soldiers, 1 of which is unidentified. There are also 4 non war U.K. military burials.
16 Nov 2018

Nogore Nishorgo, Dhaka

In Wari, exactly at “Tati Bazar Mor” there is a lovely place inside a boundary which is called “Nogore Nishorgo”. This initiative had been taken by the Bangladesh government as a process of embellishment the Dhaka City. It is hard to find any beauty at this Dhaka city, almost no sign of green. Authority just wanted to give some green flavor by creating some artificial structures of this park.

How to go

How To Reach: Old Dhaka

You can reach Old Dhaka by taking local transport from any part of Dhaka city.

Things to do

You can take photos in that park, pass some leisure time with friends in that beautiful park.

16 Nov 2018

Satchari National Park

Satchari National Park, a total area of 243 hectare, is located in Habiganj, 55 km south-west of Sreemangal Upazila. Though it is less popular than Lawachara rain forest it has a higher diversity of plants and animals and far less human disturbance. There are seven streams; the origin of the name “Satchari” came from these seven streams. A fair number of hillock gibbons, fishing cats, jungle fowl, pygmy woodpeckers and adaptive pied hornbills are the major features of this park.

How to go

Satchari National Park is located at the Chunarighat Upazila of Habiganj district. You can take buses from Dhaka to go directly in Chunarighat Upazila. Also, you can travel Sylhet or Habiganj. From Habiganj, take local buses or other transports to reach that place.

How To Reach: Sreemangal Upazila

  • By Road
  1. Shaymoli Paribahan:

Head Office, 25/B-1, Khilji Road, Mohammadpur, Shaymoli, Dhaka, Phone-9124139
Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka, Ph-9141047, 0171-1130862
Uttara Counter, Abdullahpur, Dhaka, Phone-0171-2839111
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka, Phone-9003331

  1. Green Line
    9/2, Outer Circular Road, Momen Bagh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka, Tel: 8331302-4, 8353004-5
  2. Hanif Enterprise
    22/3, Block-B, College Gate, Dhaka, Tel: +8802 9008480

Where to Stay

Sreemangal Tea Resort:
Accommodation: Bungalows BDT 3,500-5,500, Suites BDT-3,500/-, Ip rooms BDT-2,500/-. Have to add 15% vat & 7% Service charge.
Address: Bangladesh Tea Board, Bhanugach Road, Srimangal, MauloviBazar.

Hotel Tea Town:
Accommodation: Deluxe non A/c BDT 1,000-1,250, Couple BDT 1,350/-, Suite BDT-1,550-1,850/-
Have to add 15% vat & 5% service charge
Address: Dhaka Sylhet Road, Sreemongal.

  1. Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
    Arman Khan (Act GM), Sreemangal, +8801730793552-(59)

Things to do

  1. Bird safari- It’d be a journey which leads to expedition. As a result tourist might find pleasure while exploring the beauty of different birds.
  2. Jungle safari- It’s a great forest for safari. It has an extensive area to cover with an adventurous mind. It’s really an ideal place for forest trekkers.
  3. A photography lover should visit this place to click the wilderness at this national park.
  4. You may also visit other tourist spot in Madhabpur, Fruits valley, largest tea garden in Asia (Surma tea garden), Baghasura raj Bari, Teliapara Memorial monument, Hazrat Shah of solemana phatehagaji Mazar-i-Sharif.

Eating Facilities

A plenty of local restaurants are available at Chunarighat or Madhabpur.

Travel Tips

  1. Best Time to Visit is from 01 October to 30 April.
    2. You may consider carrying their own food and water as there are no restaurants inside the forest.
16 Nov 2018

Natore Children Park

Natore Children Park is located at the Rajshahi-Bogra Highway, just opposite of Shankar Gobinda Chowdhury Stadium in Natore Sadar Upazila. This park consists of lot of elements. There is a big lake and a bridge over it. The big portion of the park is structured as children’s playground with several manual rides. And the small portion has animals made with clay for children attraction.

This park was established in the year 2003 by Advocate Ruhul Kuddus Talukdar Dulu, the then Deputy Minister of Land. The main reason behind building the park is to gather the general people of the locality for entertainment in various occasions. Also, because of not having available children playground, this was built to enhance their childhood, although people of all ages gather here every day.

Throughout the park, there are lots of seating arrangements. Usually every afternoon, people come here with their friends and family members to enjoy their leisure time. Also in any occasions, this park is being decorated for enlarging the tourist attraction.

How to go

After reaching at Natore Sadar, take rickshaw or Auto rickshaw to visit this beautiful park. Ask the driver to take you to the stadium where this attraction is located.

How To Reach: Natore Sadar Upazila

  • By Road
  • By Train
  1. Shamoli Paribahan:
    12, South Kollyanpur, Mirpur Road, Dhaka.
    Tel: 02-900331, 02-8034275.
  2. Hanif Enterprise:
    Dhaka Offices: Panthopath: 0173-402670,
    Arambagh: 01713-402671, Sayadabad: 01713-402673
  3. Green Line Paribahan:
    Kallyanpur Branch: 3/2, South Kallyanpur, Dhaka.
    Mobile: 01730-060080.
  4. Modern Enterprise (AC Chair Coach)
    >>Head Office: Lake Circus, Panthapath, Kalabagan, Dhaka.
    Phone: 9123743, 327293
    >>Branch Office: Gabtoli Booking Office, Intercity Bus Terminal,
    (Counter No. 19), Mirpur, Dhaka. Phone: 806099

Where to Stay

Accommodation facilities in Natore are as follows:

  1. Hotel VIP
    Address: Borohorishpur, Natore
    Direction: 1 km West of Central Bus Terminal and East of Madrasha more.
    Phone: 0771-66097, +880 1718 673735
  2. Hotel Millat
    Address: Madrasha More, Natore Sadar, Natore
  3. Hotel Prince
    Address: Railway Station Bazar, Natore Sadar, Natore
    Phone: 0771-61356
    Mobile: 01746029429
  4. Hotel Raj
    Address: Madrasha More, Natore Sadar, Natore
    Phone: 0771-66660
    Mobile: 01727371500
  5. Hotel Rukhsana
    Address: Kanaikhali, Old bus stand, Natore Sadar, Natore
    Phone: 0771-62431
    Mobile: 01739987017
  6. Natore Boarding
    Address: Nichabazar, Hospital Road, Natore Sadar, Natore.
    Phone: 0771-62001
  7. Natore Sugar Mills Guest House
    Address: Natore Sugar Mills area, Natore Sadar, Natore

Things to do

  1. You can dine at Cicily Chinese Restaurant, just in the South-East corner of the park.
  2. You may lookout the Stadium if it’s open.
  3. You can visit the DC Park, just to the North-West of the Children Park and observe the small roadside lake and fountain.
  4. Also, you can take a tour in Television Center (permission required) and Horticulture Center nearby.

Travel Tips

You are advised not to swim in the lake as you may find the water unhygienic.

16 Nov 2018

Arshinagar Park

Arshinagar Park and mini zoo is next to Narsingdi Railway Station. Literally, Situated in the east side of the Railway station.There is a big banyan tree outside the park and mini zoo. Where people used to take rest after a long walk or a tiring journey. Under the tree there is a nice place of public sitting. Under this banyan tree, Late M.P. used to sit every day and listened people ‘ Grievances’. And after his death, he was buried under this tree. His graveyard is nicely decorated with shiny tiles.

To the North of this graveyard, Arshinagar park and mini zoo is located, which was built by late M.P. Shamsuddin. The entry ticket will cost 10 BDT. There you can take a look of different kinds of wild animals, birds, parrots and peacocks etc.

There is a pond inside the park which is dispersed in majority area of this spot. On the edge of this pond, there are several brick built sitting places where the visitors can sit and take a look at the natural beauty of this park. There is also a kids’ zone inside the park, where the children are entertained by different kinds of riding.


You can go to Narsingdi from Dhaka by Bus from Gulistan and Mohakhali. If you would like to ride on a Dhaka to Bhairab Bus then you will have to step off at Bhelanagar Bus stand, Narsingdi. If you would like to ride on a Bus from Gulistan, then you will have to step off at Narsingdi old Bus stand and then have to find out a auto-rickshaw or rickshaw to get there.

You can ride on a train from Dhaka to Narsingdi. Which will cost less than Bus-service and will bring you very near to the Park.

How To Reach: Narsingdi District

The communication system of this district is very good. The Dhaka-Sylhet highway, one of the important highways of Bangladesh, passes through Narsingdi. It is only 1/2 hours distance from Dhaka. Inter-district road communication is also better from here.

Water way communication is also very good as lots of river flows through Narsingdi. Dhaka-Chattogram and Dhaka-Sylhet, two most busiest rail route of the country goes through Narsingdi. People can easily go Narshingdi by boarding this buses.

From Gulistan -Meghalay Luxury, from Sydabad & Gulistan bus terminal – Monohordi Paribahan, Anna Super Service, BRTC Bus. From Mohakhali Bus stand – PPL, Chalan Bil Transport, Arabian Transport, Badsha Paribahan.

  • By Road
  • By Train

Mohakhali, Airport Bus-stand, Abullahpur, Tongi (station road):

  1. BRTC
    Address: BRTC Bus Depo, Kamlapur, Dhaka.
    Phone: 9333803, 9002531
  2. BRTC AC Bus Service
    Route: Roptani-Abdullahpur-Narsingdi-Bhairab
  3. Badsha Paribahan (Pvt.) ltd.
    Route: Dhaka- Bhairab
    Phone: 01710-856066, 01842-526223
    Fare: 120-145 BDT
  4. Chalanbill Tranport Limited
    Route: Dhaka to Bhairab
    Phone: 01715-019550
    Fare-120-145 BDT
  5. PPL Super
    Route: Mohakhali – Narsingdi
    Phone: 01817074515, 01845950701, 01831343894
    Fare: 90-105 BDT
  6. Meghalay Luxury
    Phone: 01711-609199, 01711-523079
    Fare: 80 BDT

Where to Stay

1) Circuit House, Narsingdi (Government)
Phone: 02-9462083
Mobile: 01735-840294

2) District Council Postal Bungalow (Government)
Postal Bungalow Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463765
Mobile 01712-521274

3) Dak bungalows (Government)
Roads and public departments, Narsingdi
phone: 029463222

4) Rest House (Government)
Civil surgeon’s office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463181

5) Rest House (Government)
LGED Office, Narsingdi
Phone: 029462260

6) Hotel Nirala
Library parti, Narsingdi market, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01711-196699

7) Hotel Al-Arafat
215/1 siendabi Road, busstation, Narsingdi
Phone: 029463393
Mobile: 01712-130139

8) Hotels Mamataj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01711-952120

9) Hotel Aziz
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Mobile: 01712070231

10) Hotel Riyaj
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 946 to 516
Mobile: 01712-609045

11) Hotel Tanim
Patilbari Road, Narsingdi
Phone: 9463982
Mobile: 01718-916143

Things to do

  1. You may take the pictures of wild animals.
  2. You can let the kids ride on different riding.
  3. You can have a view of near dying hari-dhoa river.

Eating Facilities

Referred to where to eat in Narsingdi, click here

Travel Tips

Entry ticket may cost 10 BDT and preserve it until your exit.