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28 Aug 2018

National Martyrs’ Memorial, Savar

National Martyrs’ Memorial situated at  savar, about 36 km north-west of Dhaka symbolizes the valour and sacrifice of the Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the libaration of Bangladesh. The main monument is composed of seven isosceles triamgular planes each varying in size in its height and base. The highest one has the  smallest base while the broadest base has the lowest height. The planes are folded at the middle and placed one after another. The highest point of the structure reaches 150 feet. This unique arrangement of the planes has created a structure that seems to change its configuration when viewed from different angles.(Sources: Tourism in Bangladesh)

28 Aug 2018

Tara Masjid (Star Mosque)

Tara Mosjid

Tara Masjid (Star Mosque): Tara Mosjid situated on Abul Khairat Road, Armanitola, in the old Dhaka city. It was originally built in the typical Mughal style, with four corner towers. Around 50 years ago a local busyness man financed its redecoration with Japanese and English china tiles, and the addition of a new Veranda. It was known as mosque of Mirza Gulam Pir who built the Mosque in the early part of the 18th century. The new decorations, in which Sitara plays an important part, have led to the modern name Sitara Mosque (Tara Masjid). The Mosque, both inside and outside , is decorated with mosaic, Flower-vases, flower branches, cosset, star and Arabic calligraphic writings have been used in the decoration of the mosque.


27 Aug 2018

Kaptai Lake, Rangamati

Kaptai Lake, which is wonderfully decorated beauty. This artificial lake of 256 square miles of southern Asia is one of the attractions of domestic and foreign tourists. High-low Mountains, mountainous streams, zigzag mountain roads, ocean water and greenery, dark green forests, tree-flowers, and tribal lifestyle are one of the characteristics of Kaptai Lake. The lake is a precious animal of various species of fish and biodiversity.

The Lake is the diverse variety of natural beauty, mountains, streams, sculpted high-low mountains, ominous water and green complexes all around. It is one of the largest artificial lakes in South Asia situated in the hill district of Rangamati. A lot of fish and biodiversity combinations in the lake water. On the mountains, fruits, forests, and medicinal plants and vegetables are available. In all, Kaptai Lake has an extensive conservation of tourism, livestock, and biodiversity.

This freshwater lake, located in the greater Chattogram Hill Tracts, is about 68,800 hectares. As a square mile, its area is 266 square miles, which is 32 percent of the country’s total ponds and about 19 percent of the internal water body.

Location: The Kaptai dam is located 56.31 kilometers north-east of Chattogram city and 68 km from the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The reservoir is about 58,300 hectares, which stands at 68,800 hectares in the rainy season. Its average depth is 9 meters, and the maximum depth is 36 meters. The difference in the season is 8: 14m. Kaptai Lake is very similar to the English H character in shape.

With the combined flow of Miney and the Kassalong canal, the main Karnaphuli river flow in the lower part of the lake creates a long and broad section on the right side of the lake. Rangamati-Kaptai part of the left is formed as a result of the flow of the stream from the Chengi river coming from the north, along with the movement of the Raingkhiong or the Ringkong river from south-east of the lower part. This enormous reservoir of the lake is connected by the narrow and arid Shuvalong Channel (formerly the Karnaphuli river flow) between the two.

On the other hand, the mountains of hill and telegraphy are relatively light weeds, red and sandy or sultry. Most of the highlands in the lake area are used in zoom cultivation, and forestry and comparatively lower and floating land are used for agriculture only.

The purpose of creating this lake is primarily hydropower production. Besides, the use of the flood control in greater Chattogram, opportunities for agriculture and irrigation, acquisition of forest resources, opportunities to navigate in remote areas, and the development of fisheries and tourism industry was also its purpose. Due to the situation of the flood control of the hill districts, this lake has been significant since the beginning.

You have to go to Rangamati to see Kaptai Lake. To enter Rangamati, beautiful scenes in dense green forests surrounded by high mountains, high mountains, and mountains, captured the mind of everyone.

Those who do not have the habit of traveling on these roads will be scared. Greater Chattogram district on the west of Rangamati, just 70 kilometers away from Chattogram, in the state of Mizoram in India, on the hill Khagrachari in the north and the hill Bandarban district on the south.

How to go Rangamati? Rangamati has many means of transport from Dhaka like Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle, etc. You can leave from Kalyanpur, Kalabagan or Sayedabad. Rent NON AC 600-650 taka, AC 800-1000 taka. You can visit the lake by renting a boat/speedboat from the reserve market in Rangamati. It is a treaty with the boat to see the places of the lake. They’ll take you to those locations.

Where to stay? Rangamati has many private and privately owned hotels and guesthouses to stay. Below are some hotel descriptions:

  1. Parjatan Holiday Complex, they have 12 AC rooms, rent are 1800-2000 taka. Seven non AC rooms and rent are 800-1000 Taka.

Contact / Phone: 0351-63126 (Office)

  1. Hotel Sufia, they have 27 AC rooms, rent is 1000-1500 Taka, and 35 non AC rooms and rent is 700-800 Taka.

Contact / Phone: 0351-62145, 61174, 01553409149

  1. Hotel Green Castle, they have 7 AC rooms and rent is 1200-1800 Taka. 16 non AC rooms and rent is 700-1600 Taka.

Contact / Phone: 0351-71214, 61200, 01726-511532, 01815-459146.

27 Aug 2018

Dulahazra Safari Park

Bangabandhu Safari Park, formerly known as Dulahazra Safari Park is situated at Hargoza-Dulahazra union of Chokoria upozila in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. It is at the north of Cox’s Bazar on the Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar Highway.

Abitat, Flora & Fauna

The Park houses variety of animals including the Bengal Tiger, Lion, Deer (Samber, Spotted and Hog), Goyal, Bear, Elephant and Crocodiles. It has huge varieties of trees, shrubby plants, bamboo, climbers and a large orchid house with colorful collection of orchids. It is a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife and migrating guest birds in Bangladesh.

Outstanding Features

  • Visitor information center & a natural history museum.
  • A large orchid house.
  • Observation tower and minibus ride through the Park.


Nature Interpretation Center is another attractive attraction of this park. You may enjoy the excitement of an artificial dense forest if you go into it.


There are few murals at the entrance of this Park. A gigantic dinosaur is one of them that may jog your memory of the Ancient times of the world.


Getting There

Road communications are good from both Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar City. Around 2.5 hours is required to go there from Chattogram and around 1.5 hours from Cox’s Bazar. You may avail local buses or you may rent microbus to get there.



AC & Non-AC bus services as well as Air services are available from Dhaka-Chattogram and Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar. You also may avail train service from Dhaka to Chattogram.




Places to stay and Eat

The Park has good accommodation for visitors to stay at night, although prior permission is required. Excellent lodging and food facilities are also available in Cox’s Bazar and Chattogram.

27 Aug 2018

Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur

Bangabandhu Safari Park, Gazipur  is the best tourist spot near the capital city Dhaka in Bangladesh. You will get the taste of visiting wild Africa here. It is new and attractive visiting place. It is mostly known as Gazipur Safari Park. This Safari Park of is enriched with such kind of thrill. After getting inside the park, you will see tiger, lion, kangaroo and even dinosaur. But these are not alive. All of these animals are sculptures indeed for welcoming the visitors. The whole park consists of about 4909 acres of land. At present, 31 local and international species of animals are seen here. The authority has built a her barium of about 300 types of trees. The tourists, the students and the researchers can obtain huge knowledge from this museum. You can start your visiting with “Tiger safari”. It is a big and safe restaurant surrounded with glasses so that you can see the roaring tigers and take coffee or tea. The workers of the park can call the tigers and they respond to him. Your feeling will be that you are watching National Geographic or Animal Planet channel. After that you can start visiting with using Micro bus. After thrilling with tigers you can come to the kingdom of lions. You can talk to them as you like. But never try to open the window of the microbus. You can see also white lion here. Moving your transport forward you will see bear, deer, zebra, African wildebeest and more. The elephants are adorable. They will salute you according to the order of worker of the park. You can watch giraffes going to nearer to them. Don’t disturb them and take some snaps. You have to use transport for moving and visiting some areas. You should walk watching the other areas. Now you can enter in the birds safari. If you wish you can take photograph with Macao keeping on your shoulder. Grey parrots are very much attractive and beautiful. Another great area of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is Fancy Ducks Garden. You will see a lake here. Get on a boat and watch big black swans, white swans etc. Try to look at the beauty of various kinds of birds. Never forget to visit the areas of crocodile, vulture, emu, ostrich etc. Make a visit to see python and various reptiles. It will be enjoyable if you see peacock. The two lakes and the other watery zones are fantastic to enjoy for the tourists.

Entry and visiting cost of Gazipur Safari Park Entry fee: BDT 50/per adult For Kid: BDT 20 Foreign visitors: $5 or Bangladeshi currency (TK 450) Food: Inside park (light food available) Safari by AC Bus for Adult: 100 Tk For Kids: 50 Tk (The bus will take you into the Lion and Tigers area. Don’t worry about your safety. You will be fully secured) Living with Bird: 10 Tk Living in the Jungle: 10 TK Paddle Boat riding: 50 TK.

27 Aug 2018

Foy’s Lake, Chattogram

Foy’s Lake is a theme park located in the heart of Chattogram, in Foy’s Lake. Theme park is located in the same complex as Sea World and Foy’s Lake Resorts. The Foy’s Lake theme parks are located in a picturesque setting surrounded by hills, a lake and green forests located in Pahartoli, Chattogram on approximately 320 Acres of land. Chattogram is a major port city of Bangladesh located south of Dhaka with good transport links from the capital. Chattogram is considered by many as the most beautiful district of the country due to its natural beauty comprising of the seaside, hills, rivers, forests and valleys.

Amusement World is a dry park with the usual theme park rides and attractions as well as boat rides on the lake, landscaping, restaurants, concerts with floating stages, scenic walking trails and many other fun activities. It even boasts a resort hotel. We have something for every age and taste. The biggest attraction is the beauty of the lake and its surrounding hills. Our park is right in the middle of it so you can have the fun and thrills as well as the serenity and peacefulness of Foy’s Lake. It also hosts many corporate picnics and other events.

The brand new Foy’s Lake Resort is a unique getaway in Chattogram where you can stay in luxurious accommodation while enjoying the natural beauty of Foy’s Lake and the entertainment of its two theme parks.

How to go

It is located in Pahartali, Northern part of Chattogram. You can go to the Foy’s lake by Bus, Auto Rickshaw, and Tempu or by other private vehicle. It will take about half an hour from Chittagong city by auto rickshaw.

Dhaka and Chattogram are linked by road. You can take a bus from Dhaka to reach the district of Chittagong. Some of the bus services are listed below for our assistance.

1. Saudia Paribahan
Arambag, Phone: +88-02-7102465
Gabtoli, Phone: +88-02-8018445
Kalabagan, Phone: +88-02-9124792

2. S Alam
Contact: +880 31 636997, 611426

3. Hanif Enterprise
Panthpath: 0173-402670

Where to Stay

There are many hotels available in Chattogram. Some of them have been mentioned below for your help.

1. Hotel Park
Address: 627, DT Road, Kadamtoli Chattogram
Contact: 01819-388011

2. Hotel Golden Inn
Address: 336 Station Rd Chattogram
Contact: 611 004

3. Asian SR Hotel
Address: 291 Station Rd Chattogram
Contact: 031-2850346-8, 01711-889555

4. Hotel Landmark
Address: 3072, Sheikh Mujhibar Road, Agrabad, Chattogram
Contact: 031-813598/727299

5. Hotel Dream International Ltd
Station Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh

17 Aug 2018

National Parliament House

The Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh and the first Parliament held their sittings in the building that now houses the Prime Minister’s Office and which is often referred as the old Shangshad Bhaban (old Parliament House). The second Parliament also held most of its sittings in that building, the last sitting being on 10 July 1981. It was during the tenure of the second Parliament that the present Parliament building, or Shangshad Bhaban, located at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, became functional. Its eighth, and incidentally the last session, commenced on 15 February 1982 in the new building.

The legislative enclave at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar is among the largest legislative complexes in the world and is bound by Rokeya Sarani to the east, Mirpur Road to the west, Lake Road to the north and Manik Mian Avenue to the south. Its total area is approximately 200 acres. Situated in the enclave are the impressive structure of the Parliament Building, a Members hostel, residences for parliamentary functionaries, two large lush green lawns and a lake. Residences of Speaker and Deputy Speaker, which were included in the master plan for this enclave are yet to be constructed.

The design of the Parliament Building, made by the famous architect Professor Louis I. Kahn, was evolved from the basic human requirement of protection from the glare and fury of nature. This has been achieved through the overall arrangement of the complex in different groups of buildings in which normal external lines are deeply recessed by porticoes with huge geometric openings on its outer facade, forming the visual characteristics of the building. Thus conventional methods of protecting external windows have been effectively substituted, resulting in the compositional effect of these huge openings, befitting the scale of the building. The use of exposed concrete walls to contrast the surrounding buildings with exposed brick exteriors, merges with the land and its culture. The lake on three sides of the main building, extending up to the Members hostel not only creates visual relief for the beholder but also echoes the riverine beauty of Bangladesh. The entire complex has a floor area of 8,23,000 sq. ft. in the main building, 2,23,000 sq. ft. in the South Plaza and 65,000 sq. ft. in the Presidential Plaza.

The Parliament Building consists of three major components: the South Plaza, the Presidential Plaza and the main Building. The South Plaza, gradually rising to 20′ height, serves as the visual base as well as the formal entrance to the Parliament Building. It contains:

controlling gates;
a driveway;
a main mechanical plant room;
a large car parking space;
a telephone exchange;
offices of maintenance engineers;
equipment stores; and
an open plaza with steps and ramps leading directly to the main building.

The Presidential Plaza to the north, serves as an intimate plaza for MPs and other dignitaries. It contains marble steps, a gallery and an open pavement. Its ground floor is partly open and partly occupied by stores. The Parliament Building itself consists of nine individual blocks of which, eight peripheral blocks rise to a height of 110′ while the octagonal block rises to a height of 155′. All of these nine blocks surrounding the ambulatory contain different groups of functional spaces and have an interplay of different levels, inter-linked horizontally and vertically with corridors, lifts, stairs, light courts and circular areas. All have blended into a harmonious whole.

The total seating capacity in the Parliament Chamber is 354 plus the podium and two V.I.P. galleries. The Chamber has a maximum height of 117′ with a parabolic shell roof at its top. There is here a splendid feature: a clear story above the parabolic shell that lets in daylight, which reflects from the surrounding walls and octagonal drum filters into the Parliament Chamber, demonstrating the ability of Louis Khan to combine architecture with light. The artificial lighting system of the Parliament Chamber has been devised in such a manner that it does not obstruct the infiltration of daylight. A composite chandelier, consisting of a metallic web, supports the individual light fixtures and is itself suspended from the parabolic shell.

At the upper levels of this block are the visitors and press galleries as well as communication booths, which overlook the Parliament Chamber. Among others, it also contains at level one, a library, MPs lounges at level three, and Party rooms at the upper level. The main committee rooms are located in one of the peripheral blocks at level two. All parliamentary functionaries, including Ministers and chairpersons of some of the Standing Committees, have offices in this building, as does the Parliament Secretariat.

Source: http://www.parliament.gov.bd/

17 Aug 2018

Bashundhara City is a shopping mall in Dhaka

Bashundhara City  is a shopping mall in Dhaka and the second largest shopping mall in Bangladesh. Opened to the public on 6 August 2004, the mall located in Tejturi Bazar, West Panthapath, Dhaka-1215.

The mall has space for 2,325 retail stores and cafeterias and has a large underground gymnasium, a multiples cinema, a top-floor food court, an ice skating rink, and a theme park. The fully air-conditioned shopping mall with rooftop gardens is considered a modern symbol of the emerging city of Dhaka. Bashundhara City is one of the largest shopping malls in South Asia: up to 50,000 people visit daily.Bashundhara City is a 19 storey high building complex covering an area of 191200 sqft comprising an 8 storey podium containing Retail Spaces, Mega Stores, Theme Park, Cinemas and Food Court and a 19 storey Corporate Office of Bashundhara Group over 2 storey Health Club and Swimming Pool.The mall has ample recreational facilities on offer. There are over 2325 shops, several floors for accommodating office and business centre. The range of products and service is vast and the marketing is aggressive. A multi-screen movie theatre with digital sound system screens both local and international films. Each of the three parts of the theatre can accommodate 262 viewers. A bowling and billiard centre and video games are also here. Connoisseurs of food would like to visit the international food court that has 100 shops. They can enjoy cuisine and take to fast food shops and restaurants. Children are not going to be deprived, as a Theme Park is on the Levem-8. Decorated with replicas of Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and India Gate, the park can accommodate 160 children at a time. Kids take pleasure in roller coaster, bumper car, flying carpet and highway cars. For fitness, there is a world class gymnasium -‘Adonize Fitness Center’ that has gym, swimming pool and spa in it.At the disposal of the Group there is now a strong workforce with proven professional and technological skill who are well-geared to take on the challenges of the new millennium under demanding technical, economical and environment circumstances.

17 Aug 2018

Jamuna Future Park and Shopping Mall

Jamuna Future Park is a shopping mall in Baridhara, Dhaka and the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh with a gross lease able area of 1614586 sqf. The centrally air-conditioned shopping complex has seven floors, equipped with its own 45 MW power plant and WiFi internet. The lower basement and middle basement floor are reserved for car parking and a portion for a supermarket and a hypermarket. Level 1 is the base floor for all atria, facilities for live entertainment, musical and fashion shows. From the ground floor to the fifth floor, there are several categories of outlets, non-branded shops, banks, online booths and food courts. The fifth floor has space for a children’s theme park, gymnasium and a health club, two separate swimming pools for men and women, exhibition halls, banquet halls, international standard movie with seven individual halls, 22-lane bowling alley with karaoke facilities, and a musical and entertainment floor. 

17 Aug 2018

Boldha garden, Wari

Baldah Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens established in this part of Bengal. Narendra Narayan Roy Chaudhury, landlord of the Estate of Baldah, began creating it in 1909 and continued to add to it until his death in 1943. He simultaneously built up a museum collection, which was known as the Baldah Museum. The museum collections are now housed at the Bangladesh National Museum.