Tara Masjid (Star Mosque)

Tara Mosjid

Tara Masjid (Star Mosque): Tara Mosjid situated on Abul Khairat Road, Armanitola, in the old Dhaka city. It was originally built in the typical Mughal style, with four corner towers. Around 50 years ago a local busyness man financed its redecoration with Japanese and English china tiles, and the addition of a new Veranda. It was known as mosque of Mirza Gulam Pir who built the Mosque in the early part of the 18th century. The new decorations, in which Sitara plays an important part, have led to the modern name Sitara Mosque (Tara Masjid). The Mosque, both inside and outside , is decorated with mosaic, Flower-vases, flower branches, cosset, star and Arabic calligraphic writings have been used in the decoration of the mosque.