Kuakata stands on the shore of the Bay of Bangal. South-east most in the district at Patuakhali: This sea beach is about 18km long. Both sun rise and sunset are seen from this beach. At dawn you can see globe of fire rising gorgeously from the vast sheet of water and at dusk the reddish gloomy and tired globe sinking again in the water. This is unique in the word to view sun rise and sun set prominently at the same spot. Kuakata is the second Cox’s bazaar of Bangladesh. Here the waves are not so high, roaring of the wind is low. At the west of the beach there is a mangrove forest ‘ The Second Sundarbans’ of the country. Trees like Keura, Gewa, Sundari, Fatra, Goran, Bain & Golpata are found in this forest. This forest alone is an attractive object of the beach. Monkeys, pigs and birds of various species live here. You can visit the forest by engine boat. On special arrangement you can extand your trip to sunrarbans. This tourism centre (Kuakata) is situated at Kalapara upazila under Patuakhali. Distance From Dhaka by road is 380 km & distance from Barishal is 108 km. The alternative is you can travel from Dhaka to Barishal by ship and then to Kuakata by road. The history of Kuakata is mixed with the Rakhaine people, who live here. Due to racial clash this community arrived here from Arakan (Mianmar) by boat and started living here. They are Buddhist. A 32ft. statue of Goutom Buddha is one of the tourist’s attraction here. Here you can also see Eco park, Jaw forest, Gangamoti lake, Lebu Island ,Crab island (Tufanerchar), Sonarchar, Coconut groove. Handicraft of Rakhaine people can attract tourist at this beach.